Thursday, November 30, 2017

La COLOMBE Peppermint Mocha Draft Latte(C)

How do they do it?!  

La Colombe is an excellently packaged, tastefully sophisticated, aptly labeled,  Peppermint Mocha – Draft Latte.

I thought I would steal a few moments during morning break to try out this new coffee drink, and boy was I surprised and rewarded.  I am what you would call a purist/minimalist, when It comes to my Java, so, I do maybe a dozen or fewer, mixed flavored drinks per year.  When I was asked to try this drink, I took it begrudgingly, to bury it in my office fridge until I found it again, amongst my straight-no-chaser cold brews.  

Today was the day and after reading the slim can over and over, I finally popped the top, leaving the lip guard in place, as suggested.  I took a sip and swallowed fast, just in case (you know) it wasn’t good.  Curiously, I took another sip and then another but had to slow down because I changed to a “savoring” mind set.  I was smitten.  Good stuff man!  

Beautifully blended, not heavy on the Peppermint, and I could actually taste the coffee; which is what I think you should taste in a coffee drink.  Okay, so now, I’m acting like my Peekapoo, walking with a limp and barking and looking for another piece of turkey under the table!  Where do I find MORE?!

(Reviewed by JRS)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Starbucks Mobile Ordering App Revisited

Remember, what I said a while back about how I felt that mobile ordering was ruining the coffee shop experience?

Well, forget about it.  I've had a change of heart.

Or, rather a change of schedule.

Now instead of seeing the mug as "half empty," it appears to be "half full."

It seems that when I make best use of my morning break time, the mobile ordering app is a lifesaver.  So easy to use and it's a breeze to run downstairs to Starbucks and pick up my Americano with a small splash of soy.  My new favorite.

However, when I'm out running errands on Saturday morning, and walk into a Starbucks location, I tend to get annoyed when the line is out the door because the baristas are preparing mobile orders for people who work weekends.

I just have to learn to be more patient.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Starbucks' 2017 Thanksgiving Blend Coffee - The Perfect Complement to Your Holiday Meal

2017.  It's a very good year for Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend.

Picked up a pound last week and plan to pick up another pound before Turkey Day.

A hearty blend of coffees from Guatemala Antigua and Sumatra.  Spicy, chocolate-y, herbal and delicious.

Get yours today before it's gone.

Limited Edition.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I Spy with My Little Eye - A New Coffee Game in Town - Bluestone Lane Coffee San Francisco

Had to put on the brakes on my sneakers when I ran into this sign for Bluestone Lane Coffee.

I was at the end of my lunch hour, so I didn't get a chance to try it yet. 

However, what I could see from the doorway looked super cool.  And perhaps a tiny bit expensive.

But it's getting to be the holiday season and I need to treat myself.

Besides, avocado toast is my weakness.

More to come. . .

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Good Times with an Old Favorite - Catahoula Coffee Three Amigas Blend

I stopped drinking Catahoula Coffee a while back.  

There was no breakup or falling out, I just wanted to do something different.  Sometimes we think we need to do something different.

This weekend, I thought "I haven't had Catahoula in a really long time."  I drove to the shop and discovered the little "red roaster" was no longer there.  There was this spacious seating and people on laptops and even those with newspapers.  Yes, newspapers.

And there was so much coffee on the counter.  Bags and bags.  And immediately I saw all the names of old friends that I hadn't thought about in a very long time.  Lola, Butkus and some names I didn't recognize.

My first question to the barista was, "what happened to the roaster?"  He informed me that they roast next-door to give customers more room to spread out and enjoy all the wonderful coffees and pastries and treats.

My hand instinctively grabbed a bag of "Three Amigas" and I realized, "Make new friends but keep the old."

So happy to be reconnected with Catahoula.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Starbucks Holiday Cups are Here! You fill in the blanks

Every year, I say the same thing but honestly is it already holiday time?

When I ordered my coffee this morning, I was not expecting the new Starbucks holiday cups.  However, they are super cute.

This year you "color your own."  Nice way to show your creativity and release a little stress at the same time.

You know what this means?  The holiday coffee blends can't be far behind.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What I'm Brewing: Dunkin' Donuts Coffee at Home


Yours truly ran out of the "good stuff."  It's true.  

The only "microroasted coffee" I had in the house was flavored.

So, I did what people have done for decades.  I picked up a bag of Dunkin' Donuts Dark Roast coffee at my local CVS.

Guess what?  It's delicious.  For the last three days, I've brewed a pot and my family didn't even notice that they were drinking good honest coffee for a super reasonable price.  It was on sale for 5.99 for the bag.

The morale of the story - it's not the price - but the product.

It's all good.

Highly recommended.

Dunkin' Donuts Dark Roast.  Delightful.