Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Another First - My Very First Mobile Order from Starbucks!

Remember not too long ago when I was complaining that the mobile ordering system is ruining the coffee shop experience?

Well, I still think that's true.  But if you can't beat them. . .join them!

Today, I ordered my very first drink through the Starbucks app.  Nothing fancy.  Just an Americano.  But boy did I feel cool when I picked it up.

My usual barista gave me a thumbs up.  Maybe the mobile ordering doesn't bother the baristas as much as it bothers people like me who are not exactly millennials.

At any rate, it was easy and fun.  But I still miss the time that I spend in line checking twitter and social media and making new friends as we wait.

I won't be using the mobile app every day, but I am pretty sure this won't be my last time.

Monday, August 28, 2017

My First Affogato

I thought Monday might be a good day to try my very first Affogato.  

I know.  It's hard to believe that someone who loves coffee as much as I do, has never tried this coffee-based gelato dessert.  

Truth is, I love gelato.  I love coffee.  But enjoying them simultaneously seemed kinda weird.

You pour the espresso into your gelato.  Sort of like "putting the lime in the coconut and mixing it all together."

And while this one combined butterscotch and biscotti gelato with a steaming espresso, something tells me it wasn't as "authentic" as it should have been.

Which means, I have to begin my quest to find the best Affogato in my area.  And considering my office is pretty close to North Beach, that might be both possible and fun.

Monday, August 21, 2017

If you missed the solar eclipse, don't miss out on Starbucks' East Timor Tatamailau Coffee

I didn't actually see the eclipse from where I was, but I didn't miss out on Starbucks' East Timor Tatamailau Coffee.

And while this rare coffee might come around more often than an eclipse, it's still hard to get your hands on so don't miss it.

If you know me, you know that I love dark roast coffee.  This one has a hint of cocoa.  The packaging says "herbal notes," but I can't tell.  I'm drinking it too fast to notice.

To be honest, I would buy it based on the packaging alone.

Available for a limited time.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Teavana Perfect Tea Maker - Tea People Need Love Too

I know that I haven't shown as much love to tea drinkers on my blog.  So, after I heard the sad news this week that Starbucks is closing all of its Teavana stores, I thought it only appropriate that I dedicate this post to the tea lovers in the house.

I also thought it only appropriate that I replace the "Teavana Perfect Tea Maker" of my daughter's that I broke a couple of years ago.  I never really owned one of these but I sure enjoyed making tea in it.  Especially that spicy chai variety - the name escapes me.

And, oh how I love that German Rock Sugar that they sell in the Teavana stores.

Honestly, I'm going to miss all the free samples at the mall and chatting it up with the "tea experts" in the stores.

I was happy to hear that Starbucks will continue to carry Teavana tea products.  It seems like only a couple of years ago when I first got turned onto Teavana stores and now there will be no more.

At least I'll have the memories.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Travel Must Stop: Siphon Coffee, Houston, Texas

If you're a coffee lover, you must add Siphon Coffee in Houston to your list of "must try" coffee houses.

Siphon offers a cool coffee vibe, lots of seating, it's fun to watch the "siphoning coffee," and the service is a combination of "Hipster meets Southern Charm."

Summertime is hot so you might want to go for an iced version.  It's never too hot for me to drink coffee, so I opted for a hot cup.

I enjoyed it so much that I grabbed a bag of Houston's "Boomtown Coffee," to bring home.

All of the coffees they brew and sell are from Houston-area microroasters.

The third-wave has definitely made its way to Houston.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fonté Coffee Espresso Reserve Blend

I'm not even going to pretend that Fonté coffee is anything less than exceptional.

I'm also not going to pretend to you that it's not on the expensive side.  It is.  No, it's not your $100 per pound variety, but it's not something that the Average Joe or Josie can enjoy all the time.

However, I do work hard and like to treat myself on special days.  Like Thursday.

This "signature" dark roast blend is one of my absolute favorites.

I keep thinking that if I stopped spending so much on coffee that maybe one day I could visit the Fonté Cafe in Seattle.

Until then, I'll indulge in moderation.

Order online at Fonté

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Little Soul for Your Morning Cup - Philtered Soul from Philz Coffee

Since it's probably not a good idea to add a shot of rum to your morning mug (especially before work) why not add a touch of soul.  Philtered Soul from Philz Coffee.

These hazelnut delight is just what I need to boost my morning routine.  This week, I've added one heaping scoop to my regular dark roast brew (pick your favorite) and the result is - well, it's just soulful.

If you don't want the full-on flavored coffee taste, this is the perfect modification.

Check it out for yourself.  I think you'll be "soulfully surprised."

Philtered Soul from Philz