Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Brake for Coffee (and Donuts)!!

I bought these donuts on a dare this morning.  Well, somewhat.

My sister and I went out to get a Sunday paper and on the drive back home, we passed the donut shop. I said, "I'm going to resist getting a donut."  My sister replied, "Yes, sometimes you just have to resist."

Well, who died and made her the "Carb Police?"  Just for that, I took a sharp left, made a u-turn and drove back to the donut shop.

Maybe I shouldn't have, but you know how it is when someone tries to "guilt you."  Well, you've just got to shoot yourself in the foot and bite the bait.  Or in this case, bite the donut.

And, fyi, I drank my coffee black so as not to increase my already high sugar intake.

After all, moderation is the key. (wink-wink)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Coffee, Say "Hello" to my little friend - Cookie!

Coffee does lots of great things for me.  Like give me energy and make me smile.

Like give me energy to make chocolate chip cookies on a Sunday night and pretend that I've got an extra weekend day.

If coffee is good enough, like this delicious cup I'm drinking right now, it can even make you forget that it can also keep you awake.  

And when it does that, you can always share your excitement on your blog page.

I've decided to step my cookie game up.  I've always sort of claimed bragging rights to great cookies but the last few batches have fallen short.  Literally.

Tonight's results were probably a 3 out of 5.  Which means that it's back to the lab to see what I can do to get back on the "MVP Cookie Baker" list.

Stay tuned.  And caffeinated.

Friday, January 15, 2016

K-Cup of the Day Green Mountain Sumatra Aceh Organic

I'm always excited when I find a K-Cup that is close in flavor to what I get from an electric brew or pour over.

I must admit I wasn't initially sold on this one.  It's dark-roast, which I like, but it took me a few sips to really acquire the taste for it.

I picked up this box of Green Mountain Sumatra Aceh at a good price at Home Goods.  Not my usual "go to" place for buying coffee but it had a really good "sell by" date and who doesn't love a bargain?

Not sure that I would buy them at full-price but for the price, it's definitely not bad.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

EQUAL EXCHANGE COFFEE - Organic Love Buzz - What Else is there to Say? The Name Says It All!

I can't believe that I've overlooked this wonderful coffee for so many years.  

I've passed the bin dozens and dozens of times in the natural grocery store with Equal Exchange emblazoned on the coffee.  

Thanks to a gift from a colleague, my eyes are now wide open (pun intended) to "Organic Love Buzz."

This blend of "Full City" and "French Roasts" has just the right amount of kick and the perfect balance of smooth.

And if you don't know the story behind Equal Exchange's fairly traded coffee, click HERE!

New Year.  New Coffee.