Sunday, November 29, 2015

The 2015 Holiday Blend Coffee Parade Begins - First up, Peet's!

They don't call this "the most wonderful time of the year" for nothing.  

Each year, the holiday blends get better and better.  And this year's batch from Peet's Coffee is no exception.  

This deep, dark rich, spicy, chocolate-y delight is sure to be one of my "go-tos" throughout the season.  

Pairs well with anything or nothing.  Which is why I'm drinking mine as I write this post with just a tiny bit of raw sugar and a splash of low-fat milk.  Although, I think that it would be super delish with a dollop of cream.

Make sure to pick up a bag for yourself and one for the coffee lover on your list.  This one is a bell-ringer!

16.95 per pound.  Limited offering.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Leave the Green Jello® Mold at Home and Bring Thanksgiving Blend 2015 from Starbucks

No sides?  No problem.  

Take the stress out of "what to bring" to your Thanksgiving Day dinner and get to Starbucks and pick up a pound (or two) of the 2015 StarbucksThanksgiving Blend.

It's better than I remembered.  I've been enjoying this dark, delicious roast all week long and can't get enough of it!  If I want to drink it every morning for an entire week and don't tire of it, it's got to be good.

Sumatran beans with a hint of spice.  Complements any turkey day dessert.

The perfect hostess gift.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Please State Your Name and Your Religious Affiliation - Starbucks Red Cup Controversy

I really tried to stay away from this topic but I could not resist.

It's like the "reindeer in the room."  

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, certainly by now you've heard all the "buzz" (pun intended) around Starbucks' decision to opt for a simple "red cup" instead of the usual holiday-themed ones with reindeer, etc. which naturally conjure up thoughts of Christmas.

I happen to not only celebrate but love Christmas.  However, I do appreciate and respect the fact that not everyone does and I'm all about being "politically-correct" and inclusive.

To be honest, I would have never imagined that there was a deeper meaning to the red cups (other than perhaps a salute to college kids everywhere) were it not for Fox News latching onto it and kicking up a snowstorm of controversy.  Whether it be "real" or "imagined."  Marketing folks everywhere are weighing in on the subject.

Whatever your holiday, religious affiliation, political group, race, creed or color, I say "it's cold outside, let's turn-up!"

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Neapolitan is not just for Ice Cream - This according to Mr. Espresso Coffee

Wake me up with a cup of this before you  and I'm off to a great start.

"Neapolitan" roast from Mr. Espresso is so delightful that I wrote a little song about it:

"They want to put you a "box" and call you "espresso"

They don't know you like I do, you're wonderful just to brew (in a pot)

You're smokey and somewhat acidic

The first taste better than the "after"

Since your initial notes are the best

I'll have to drink more of you!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Where have all the micro-roasters gone?

I went into my local micro-roaster to find it's not so small these days.

There's none of that small-shop feel.  It's all been replaced by bags and bags of pre-roasted on the counter.  I didn't even smell the coffee when I came through the door.  

I didn't expect anyone to know my name.  But it would have been nice if they'd known whether or not they had any organic coffees.  Or even if they'd seemed somewhat excited about the different roasts.

I couldn't help but wonder if since they now offer their coffees in supermarkets all over, they weren't roasting it there at all.

That cute little roaster in the corner might just be decoration for all I know.

One thing I do know is that it's just not the same.  It makes me sad to see that nobody wants to be the little engine that could these days.  Everyone wants to be that big giant railroad that portions off the land.

I'm all for big business and commerce, but sometimes I just want a great cup of coffee that doesn't taste like the stuff I can grab off any shelf in town.