Monday, February 20, 2017

Coffee is my love language - Currently speaking "Fonté Amore

Is it fair for me to tell you about an amazing blend of coffee if it's no longer available?

I was so busy basking in the glory of my Valentine's Day gift to myself, that I forgot to share it with you, my closest friends.

It's Fonté Amore Blend.  Specially roasted for St. Valentine's Day by Seattle's Fonté Coffee.

Dark, delicious, smooth, rich - just the way I like it.

My bag is now empty but Fonté is full of other great blends of coffee.  You're sure to find one that suits you perfectly.

If you're not near their café in Seattle, don't worry, you can order online at

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Peet's Coffee Power Couple for a Rainy Day - Oatmeal and an Americano

It's raining today and I wanted to do something different for breakfast.

So, instead of going downstairs to the other major coffee chain, which would have been the easiest, I decided to walk a little further and venture out into the elements for something that would make my trip worthwhile.

A creamy cup of Peet's Simply Oatmeal (with the dried blueberries that I love so much) and instead of opting for my normal "tall drip," I made it an Americano.

On days like today, you have to force yourself to smile.  And what puts a smile on your face faster than hot oatmeal on a cold day and a steaming cup of strong (but not too strong) coffee?

Rainy days don't have to get you down.