Sunday, July 31, 2016

Starbucks Kati Kati Blend - There are no coffee problems, only coffee solutions!

I'm pretty good about knowing when Starbucks is due for a shipment of seasonal coffees.

So, when one of my all-time favorite Kati Kati blend didn't surface in stores, I became alarmed.

After asking at countless Starbucks when it was due and getting a variety of responses from "what is that?" to "that's a seasonal coffee," I had to take matters into my own hands.

I called the Starbucks customer service number and found out that Kati Kati was only available online this year and that there was none in stock.

Say what???!!!

This left me with no choice.

I turned to that "black market" of hard-to-find Starbucks coffee.  Amazon.

Within amweek, I had a half pound bag of Kati Kati in my hands (albeit at a premium).

And even though the expiration date says that it's only good for another week or so, considering how much I love this stuff, I don't think it will last that long.

There are no coffee problems, only coffee solutions.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cocoa in July? Starbucks Hot Chocolate K-Cups(R)

While I try to stay ahead of the curve on new beverages, I admit that sometimes I fall short.

I'm not perfect.

Which is why I'm kicking myself for only getting turned onto the Starbucks Hot Chocolate K-Cups(R) now.  I picked up a box a month or so ago on sale at the Starbucks coffee shop near the office.  I figured that it's often cold enough here, even in summer, to enjoy a warm cup of chocolate on a breezy evening.

I made myself a cup this evening.  

Good news.  It's amazing.  Especially with whipped cream.  

Bad news.  Apparently Starbucks has discontinued the Hot Chocolate K-Cup.

I feel an email campaign coming on.  Who's with me?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Coffee's French (Very Dark) Roast Coffee - So Good, I Forgot to Take a Picture!

The funny thing about social media is that unless you take the mandatory photo "for the gram," it's almost like it didn't happen.

Except when you're walking to work and you think about the coffee you made at home that was so good.  And then you say to yourself, "I should blog about it!"  Then you remember that you forgot to take a photo!  Yep, it definitely "happened."

My sister went up to Fort Bragg a couple of weekends ago and I asked her to be sure to stop by Thanksgiving Coffee Company.  I didn't realize that there is no retail store.  It's all wholesale.  

However, tenacity runs in my family, so my sister went into the local Safeway and bought me a bag of Thanksgiving French (Very Dark) Roast.  

It's such good coffee.  Dark, dark roast without any bitterness whatsoever.  A great way to wake up.

Next time, I promise photos.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Before the Third Wave, there was Peerless Coffee - Still Standing with the Best of 'Em!

I've talked before about the fact that Peerless Coffee was my first "gourmet" coffee.  Long before the "third wave," there was this Oakland, California roaster simply selecting and buying the best beans and roasting them to perfection.  With pride and the Vukasin family touch in every roast.

That hasn't changed.  On my last visit, I couldn't help but wax nostalgic about how much they've changed while staying the same.  

While there was always a large variety of roasts, the selection was almost overwhelming. I started to reflect on how my "favorite Peerless blends (President's Blend)," were now surrounded by some new favorites, like the "Berkeley Blend."

Peerless offers a great selection of finely roasted artisan coffee, gourmet teas, a wide variety of coffee and tea makers and equipment AND hot roasted peanuts in the shell.

Handcrafted since 1924.  Read about the Vukasin/Peerless Family store here.

Peerless Coffee & Tea

260 Oak Street
Oakland, CA 94607
Office Phone: 510-763-1763
Mail/Order Retail Customer Service:
1-800-310-KONA (5662)

Monday, July 4, 2016

Winding down the 4th of July with A Strong Cup of Coffee and Trader Joe's Shooting Stars Cookies

Can't think of a better way to cap off this Independence Day than with a strong cup of Coffee and Trader Joe's Shooting Stars Cookies!

Sugar Cookies with semi-sweet chocolate stripes and little sprinkle things on top that crackle and pop in your mouth.

Let freedom ring (or, in this case, pop)!