Friday, April 30, 2010

Here's To You, Mr. Leslie Buck

Leslie Buck, the designer of the Anthora cardboard cup has died at age 87. Mr. Buck passed away on Monday due to complications of Parkinson's disease.

The Anthora cardboard cup - often imitated - never duplicated.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PRIVATE - Keep This Under Your Coffee Cup

From Community Coffee's "Private Reserve" comes Guatemala Huehue Tenango.

I continue to say that I am not a coffee expert - I am a coffee lover. I know what I like and I really like Guatemalan coffee. This blend is so sweet and easy going that I don't need anything to accompany it to enjoy this flavor.

The flavor reminds me of another favorite blend, Casi Cielo which I can only find once a year.

Reserve yours now.

Friday, April 23, 2010

You're Invited! "E-Taste and Be Fair" Sponsored by Green Mountain Coffee


A special virtual coffee tasting of Green Mountain's limited edition Spring Revival™ Blend. Lindsey Bolger, Director of Coffee Sourcing and Relationships, will walk you through a guided tasting on UStream (live streaming online video) as she brews, tastes, and, of course, answers your questions about coffee.

Here are the details:

Date: Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time: 6:00 – 6:30 PM EST


USTREAM (, broadcasting live from our Visitor Center & Café in Waterbury, VT, and live tweeting on Twitter at @greenmtncoffee using the hashtag #etaste.



You can participate by following these steps:

1) RSVP at

2) Purchase Spring Revival Blend in either a 10-ounce bag of ground coffee or 24-count box of K-Cups.*

*Use Promo Code TRADE-WFTD to get a 10% discount on Spring Revival Blend and all other Fair Trade Certified™ coffees at

3) Get your brewing set-ups (French press, drip, Keurig – whatever you usually use) ready so that you can brew and taste with us.

4) A little before 6 PM EST on May 6, log on to USTREAM and follow along with Lindsey as she brews and tastes.

5) Ask questions and share your own reactions and observations by 1) registering with USTREAM and using the “Chat” tab, 2) commenting on USTREAM’s “Social Stream” through your Twitter, Facebook, or other social media account, or 3) following us on Twitter via the hashtag #etaste.

Isn't technology wonderful?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Mint "Don't" Stop

Totally diggin' "TRADER JOE'S Organic Mint Melange," right now. . .thanks, Steph! You rock.

Happy Staff Appreciation Day

Today is "Staff Appreciation Day," formerly "Secretary's Day."

Whatever you call it, it's a good time to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee.

Sometimes I get so "caught up" trying this new coffee and that new coffee, the best blends and the most expensive blends, that I truly forget that some of my favorite blends are downright affordable!

So, I'm "paying it forward" today. My sister gave this "red" pack of coffee to me and I'm sharing it with my colleagues because if you can't appreciate each other - who can you appreciate?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Pimp My Mug"

My sister - the diva. Everything she owns has her own special touch - even her coffee mug.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. . .rhinestones are a close second :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Art of Tea

"Art of Tea" (TM)

I can't wait until the work day ends at five. I need a cocktail now!

Make mine a "Kauai Cocktail" (caffeine free).

Need more of a kick? Try "Tali's Masala Chai" or "Earl Grey Creme."

"Art of Tea" is what I would call a "Spa Day In A Cup." Not only does each flavor have a clever name, they're all really good.

I reviewed the "Eco Pyramid Teabag Sampler" for this post. It contains 18 sachets of hand-crafted, organic and fair trade teas.

Art of Tea - "Blooming, Expanding, Connecting." (R)

Discover it today.

(* I received a free sample of the Eco Pyramid Teabag Sampler for this review)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Good Coffee - Doing Great Things - "Sweet Unity"

When you purchase Sweet Unity Coffee, Sweet Unity Farms will donate $2.50 per bag to the Carpenter's Kids Program.

The Carpenter’s Kids Program is a partnership between the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika and the Episcopal Diocese of New York. “Carpenter’s Kids” are Tanzanian HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in need of love and financial support for a chance in life through education. The program links New York and Tanzania parishes for the principal purpose of sending these children to school, by providing a uniform, shoes, school supplies, and daily breakfast. The Tanzanian population is estimated to be approximately one third Christian, one third Muslim, and one third of tribal beliefs. This program is nonsectarian, and does not discriminate in selecting the children in any way, respecting the diverse local population.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Barefoot In The Park - Okay, so it wasn't the park. . .

And, I wasn't barefoot. I was wearing shoes. Okay, rainboots.

But the point is, I had a cup of GREAT coffee from Barefoot Coffee Company.

Barefoot Coffee

(I had the "Red Cab" which is a Brazilian coffee - delicioso!)

Christmas In April?

The "Great Mint Debate" continues.

I went to the mailbox last week and found a pleasant surprise. A box of "Candy Cane Lane" tea compliments of my "friends" Celestial Seasonings.


Peppermint leaves, decaffeinated green tea, orange peel, natural vanilla and mint flavors with other natural flavors, cinnamon, milk thistle, blackberry leaves, roasted carob, roasted chicory, and vanilla bean.

This wonderful green tea (decaffeinated - so you can enjoy it in the evening) is only available in stores during the Holiday Season - but, guess what? You can order it from Celestial Seasonings online year 'round because life is short and every day should be a holiday!

Thanks, Celestial Seasonings. I needed that!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"The Bold and the Beautiful". . .*

Not the soap opera, but the coffee, "California Blend" from Newhall Coffee Company.

This micro-roasted blend is "sweet." Sweet, as in good. Sweet as in the sound of Dave Brubeck in the CD player while cruising down Highway 5. It's bold. Bold as in daring, but not overbearing.

I brewed a pot this morning and could not get the taste out of my head. This will definitely make it on my list of favorite specialty blends.

And at only $10.00 bucks a pound, you can get the quality and taste of a much more expensive roast.

In fact, this "California Blend" is so good, I'm going to bake something in its honor. . .hmmm. . .maybe a nice coffee cake or a loaf of fresh banana bread.

California, it's not just for dreaming :)

* A soap opera created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS and set in Los Angeles, California.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not. . .

I have no idea what I'm drinking today, but it sure is good.

Checked the coffee cabinet and I had four small plastic bags (yes, I know, not the best way to store coffee) of "remainder" roast.

Mixed them all together and came up with a blend that's just perfect.

Jump started my Monday morning and now I'm ready for another pot to take me through the afternoon.

What's in a name? Maybe I will just call this "Recycled Blend."

Hey, I'm going green :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Has Sprung - "Spring Revival" Blend Coffee - A Limited Offering from Green Mountain

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity-hoppity. What's that in his basket? I see colored eggs - and, wait - is that a bag of coffee??

It is a bag of coffee! But not just any old coffee, it's "Spring Revival." A limited time offering from Green Mountain Roasters.

This Fair Trade Certified (TM) coffee is from Rwanda and comes about as the result of a partnership between Green Mountain Coffee, the Cordes Foundation and TransFair USA.

It's so good that last year, Kenneth Davis, editor of "The Independent Coffee Review," scored it 90 out of 100.

To "score" your own bag, visit Green Mountain's website to find a retailer near you or to order online.

But, don't wait because just like Spring, it's only around for a limited time.