Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Didn't See It Coming - Astral Blend By Weaver's Coffee

Astral Blend by Weaver’s Coffee*

To be so deep, rich and bold, it so smooth. It doesn’t alarm anything. No warning.

There’s an underlying intensity about it. But it’s just "smoothly" that way. Do you understand what I’m getting at? It doesn’t “pow” knock you in the face. It’s subtle, but before you know it, you’ve got this like really rich, rich, rich - the second sip is like, “WOW, that’s rich.”

A definitely "must-try" for the coffee afficianado.

*By purchasing this product, you are supporting breast cancer research, funding for local hospitals and community organizations that provide breast health education, breast cancer screening and treatment. This special coffee also supports a better life for farming families through fair prices, community development, and environmental stewardship.

14.95 for a one pound bag

(Weaver’s Coffee provided me with a sample bag of Astral Blend for the purposes of preparing this review)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Teavana Golden Monkey Black Tea - The Perfect "Nightcap"

If it's good enough to serve at the White House, then I guess it's good enough for me!

I think I told you that I'm trying to do more tea this year (especially at night). Well, this Golden Monkey Black Tea by Teavana is not only amazing, it has only 20 percent of the caffeine of coffee. So, tonight, while strolling the mall I stopped into the Teavana store in Corte Madera for a cup.

I'd heard that this particular tea was selected by the White House to be served at the State Dinner this month to the president of China.

I can't really describe it but it's very smooth. I had the "tea-rista" add a little bit of Teavana's famous German rock sugar (in liquid form). OMG. The more I drank the better it tasted. Definitely on my "tea wish list."

Golden Monkey Black Tea
Price is $18.50 for two ounces which is the minimum Teavana will sell. I'm told it makes about 25 cups. So, that's really not a bad price for a tea that is - well, downright presidential!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Great Lunch Break

A cup of vanilla blueberry tea and a lesson in "how to purl."

I'm ready for the afternoon madness. Bring it on!!

(I didn't mean that - don't bring it) ;0

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Starbucks to the 2nd Power = Starbucks Reserve™ Organic Indonesia Blue Java by Starbucks Coffee

Remember, a few posts back when I said that I could never drink a "Trenta" sized coffee? Well, I lied. I could drink a gallon of this Starbucks Reserve™ Organic Indonesia Blue Java. This coffee is every bit as good as Jamaica Blue Mountain.

It is fruity, but it isn't really. It is nutty, but it isn't really. It's suggestive. It hints at certain undertones but doesn't take you all the way there - very subtle. Let me stop now because this blog is "G" rated. :)

It's 15.00 for a half-pound and well-worth the money. Think of it as an investment in your happiness.

p.s. - Shout out to Adam at the Drumm Street store in San Francisco. The baddest manager/barista on the planet!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep Your Hands Off My Mug!

I was browsing the Anthropologie website and ran across these adorable mugs. Mugs with letters are nothing new, but something about the boldness of this monogram says to your office-mates - "Don't even think about using my mug." I think I might have to get myself one because 8.00 is a small price to pay to keep down confusion.

Besides, it's probably the only thing I can afford at Anthropologie. ;0

Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I "Break" for Coffee!

Even though it's every day for me, if you're one of those people who never leaves their desk or office - it's your day. Today is NATIONAL COFFEE BREAK DAY. Get up, stretch and head to the break room or your local coffee shop for a real coffee break. Whatever your pleasure, hot, cold, cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha, decaf - just do it.

For a list of special events surrounding this holiday, check out the National Coffee Association's website.

Raise your mug!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trenta? Really, Starbucks, Really?

Now, everybody knows I love a good caffeine rush as much as the next person but come on - 31 ounces of coffee?

A friend of mine confided in me about their past transgressions involving substances that in the beginning worked really well for them but later on became a problem. They candidly related to me their progression from being introduced to this “thing” to never getting enough to getting too much. I started to think…could I be headed down the same trail if I went for the new Trenta.

I love you Starbucks, but we are not all on the "Pineapple Express."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saved By The Tumbler

This morning, I was enjoying a delicious cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Just as I got about one-third of the way through my mug, my ride was ready to leave. What could I do? I couldn't just toss a cup of this expensive premium java and I couldn't risk spilling it in their car. In my car, it's never a problem because I have the perfect mug which fits on my dashboard but there was nothing that came to mind that would work for this cupholder for the freeway commute.

When all of a sudden what should appear but my Community Coffee 90th Anniversary "Limited Edition" Tumbler. Perfectly sized to fit the cupholder!

Tragedy averted. Problem solved. Happy commuters. Great coffee.

Community is not just for coffee!

Do you have a favorite travel mug? I'd love to hear about it.

Happy Sipping!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

There Aren't Enough Cups In The Day

Wow. There are so many wonderful seasonal coffee offerings right now that it feels like I've died and gone to "Casi Cielo." "Casi Cielo" translates to "almost heaven" and this limited offering from Starbucks definitely is one of my all-time favorites.

The 2010 edition of this Guatemalan coffee has hints of lemon and dark cocoa. Now, quite honestly, I can taste the cocoa but the lemon eludes me. Nonetheless, it's awesome.

Casi Cielo would make a perfect ending to a wonderful meal or can be enjoyed alone which is what I'm doing this morning. Okay, I'm enjoying it with the Sunday paper but my point is you don't need food to complement the coffee because it can stand on its own.

If you've never tried it, do yourself a favor and pick up a pound today. Don't wait because it's only in Starbucks for a short time. Price is 6.95 for an eight ounce bag or 12.95 for the one pound size.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Hot Tea Month

Bigelow Tea celebrating the month with their "Win Tea For A Year Sweepstakes" (winner gets to choose their tea!). The sweepstakes is hosted on their Facebook page at:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm a 5!

New Year. New Coffee. While I wasn't paying attention, Seattle's Best introduced a new "Level" System" for their Packaged Coffee. I typically favor a dark-roast coffee, but sometimes I like a milder lighter roast and often my guests like something very mild. Well, problem solved with the new "Level" System (Levels are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). I sampled each one and they're all really good. For some reason Level 2 tasted like a "flavored" coffee to me. Maybe it was my palate?

Anyway, they're all delicious and offer the quality you've come to expect and love from Seattle's Best. For me, personally, Level 5 was my favorite because I love a bold, dark roast. But, hey, everyone has to find their own coffee comfort zone, right?

I saw the Seattle's Best "Level" Coffees in my local Target grocery aisle this weekend. If you can't find it in a store near you, visit their website. Seattle's Best is also on Facebook and Twitter.

What will they think of next?

(Seattle's Best provided me with sample-packs of the new Level System Coffees for the purpose of preparing this review)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Tea Year's Resolution - Because It's Not All About Me

I admit that I love coffee more than any other beverage. And this is the "Coffee Lover's Blog." However, I realize that a lot of people who drink coffee also enjoy tea. I can appreciate a hot cup of chamomile or herbal tea at the end of the evening. I've even been known to enjoy a cup in the afternoon. Therefore, I resolve to drink at least one cup of tea per day this year. I take that back. I might not drink a cup of tea every day, but I will drink more tea this year. I realize that it has some amazing properties and green tea is an amazing cleanser which removes a lot of yucky stuff from our bodies. Or, so I'm told.

And, as you know, I also love books. I've noticed that more and more of my favorite novel heroines are drinking tea. In fact, I'm seeing tea everywhere - in the movies, on TV, in magazines, everywhere! I guess it was always there and I wasn't paying attention because I was too busy looking at the coffee!

So, be it resolved, that on this 4th day of January in the Year of Our Lord 2011, I will devote more blog time to tea and tea lovers because it's not all about me. It's about you.

Have a great day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Last night, I watched one of my all-time favorite movies, "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray. It's a great movie and evokes a lot of thought about change in our lives and habits. Perfect film for a New Year.

There were several scenes shot in a coffee shop. And if you know the movie, which I'm sure you do, it is based on a weatherman who goes to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania every year to cover the story of Punxsutawney Phil. However, the location for most of the shooting of the film was not actually Punxsutawney but rather Woodstock, Illinois.

Anyway, it got me to thinking that there was one thing obviously missing in the scenes. Obvious to me, anyway, being the coffee lover that I am. There were no big chain coffee houses in any of the scenes. Nobody was holding paper cups with famous logos. They were just drinking coffee. Pure and simple.

And that's because in 1993 when the film was made, people weren't the coffee elitists that we are now. When we wanted a cup of coffee, we drank whatever was being poured at the restaurant, coffee shop, 7-11 or gas station. And we survived.

So, this year, I am making a resolution to give more time and mention to the old-fashioned coffee roasters (you know, Maxell House, Folger's, Yuban, etc.) because they need love too!

It's going to be a wonderful 2011. I can feel it in my mug.