Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Peet's Coffee Power Couple for a Rainy Day - Oatmeal and an Americano

It's raining today and I wanted to do something different for breakfast.

So, instead of going downstairs to the other major coffee chain, which would have been the easiest, I decided to walk a little further and venture out into the elements for something that would make my trip worthwhile.

A creamy cup of Peet's Simply Oatmeal (with the dried blueberries that I love so much) and instead of opting for my normal "tall drip," I made it an Americano.

On days like today, you have to force yourself to smile.  And what puts a smile on your face faster than hot oatmeal on a cold day and a steaming cup of strong (but not too strong) coffee?

Rainy days don't have to get you down.

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