Monday, October 12, 2009

Wild Flour Bread - Freestone, California - And All I Wanted Was a Cup of Coffee!

I had to drop my daughter off at the CYO Retreat Center in Occidental, California this weekend.

So, after driving her up on Saturday and depositing her safely, the camp leader said to me, 'On your trip back, you must stop at the Wild Flour. They have the best sticky buns."

Well, since everything has been sticking to my "buns" lately, I thought, "Sure don't need one of those!" However, it was going to be a two hour trip back and my husband's mug was empty. We pulled into the parking lot and I shouted with glee, "Wow, they have a brick oven! Those make the best bread."

And when they say they're "baking bread," they're baking bread. Up to 900 loaves made daily on the premises of this fabulous bread heaven, located appropriately on the "Bohemian Highway." Well, the sticky buns were more like sticky beasts! They are huge and the one we got was still warm from the oven.

The staff is very friendly and even invited us "out of towners" to take a tour of their garden.

Who said one cannot live on bread alone?

Wild Flour Bread, 140 Bohemian Highway, Freestone, California 95472, 707-874-2938

Open Friday, Saturday, Sundy and Monday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Oh, by the way, they serve Taylor Maid Coffee from Sebastapol. I had the Goat Rock Blend. Very good.

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