Friday, April 16, 2010

Art of Tea

"Art of Tea" (TM)

I can't wait until the work day ends at five. I need a cocktail now!

Make mine a "Kauai Cocktail" (caffeine free).

Need more of a kick? Try "Tali's Masala Chai" or "Earl Grey Creme."

"Art of Tea" is what I would call a "Spa Day In A Cup." Not only does each flavor have a clever name, they're all really good.

I reviewed the "Eco Pyramid Teabag Sampler" for this post. It contains 18 sachets of hand-crafted, organic and fair trade teas.

Art of Tea - "Blooming, Expanding, Connecting." (R)

Discover it today.

(* I received a free sample of the Eco Pyramid Teabag Sampler for this review)

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