Saturday, July 16, 2011

Review: Maestro Plus Grinder by Baratza


an eminent composer, teacher, or conductor of music: Toscanini and other great maestros.
(initial capital letter) a title of respect used in addressing or referring to such a person.
a master of any art: the maestros of poetry.

The Maestro Plus Conical Burr Coffee Grinder by Baratza definitely lives up to its name. I have owned and operated many grinders over the years. And some have been very good grinders. The Maestro Plus is superb. Delivers on every level. I was able to finally get a grind so fine (at home) that it could be used to make the perfect espresso.

The "Conical Burr" offers a grind from fine (for espresso) to coarse (coarse enough for my Paula Deen percolator)

A front pulse button option which allows for a direct espresso grind

Forty (that's 4-zero) steps of adjustment and a 60 second timer

Easy to operate and easy to clean

Oh, and did I mention how great it looks?

I think I'll have friends over for coffee this weekend. It's the perfect opportunity to show off my new grinder.

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