Monday, May 27, 2013

How Chamelon Cold Brew Made Me "The Most Popular Person In the Office"

Funny how coffee has a way of bringing people together.

Even funnier how "Chameleon Cold Brew" has a way of bringing all the cool people together.

For my review of Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee, I placed a bottle on the bar of the kitchenette on the floor, on the side of the building where most of the "hipsters" reside.  Mind you, I don't sit on that side of the building, but something told me that this little trial would soon make my name known to the folks with the newest phones and largest number of apps.

I also posted a little note saying that I would love to hear what people thought of this coffee.  Signed by, me, of course.  I included the warning that they should "dilute" it because it is extremely concentrated.  It contains 270 mg of caffeine per serving.

Result:  I had people coming over to my side of the building to my desk to say, "Is there more than one Dorothy or are YOU the one who put the coffee out?  That stuff is awesome!"


Chameleon Cold Brew is coffee in probably its purest form.  The cold press brew is almost like magic.  

Pros:  Delicious coffee.

Cons:  May be habit forming and drinking too much (without diluting it) may give you the jitters.    You've been warned.  Use discretion when imbibing.

From the Chameleon Coffee Web Site:

"Chameleon Cold-Brew is handcrafted in Austin, Texas by a small group of dedicated coffeenistas and entrepreneurs.  We brew each batch low and slow for more than 16 hours at a controlled temperature to produce a super smooth, extra caffeinated concentrated coffee with less acid than traditional hot-brewed coffees.  We only use 100% organic, Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans and filtered water. The rest is up to you. Enjoy Chameleon hot or cold, black, undiluted in small amounts or mixed with your favorite flavors, creamers, or other additions — and it’s perfect for drinking at home, at the office or on the go. You can find Chameleon Cold-Brew in the refrigerated section of select grocers in convenient and recyclable 16oz and 32oz glass bottles."

*Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee provided me with a free sample of Chameleon Cold Brew for the purposes of preparing this review.  

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