Saturday, June 8, 2013

Starbucks Burundi Ngozi Reserve (TM) Coffee - Dark and Lovely

A package which is lovely to look at, 

a coffee bean delightful to behold,

brew it up and pour it in your mug,

simply "black gold."

I wrote that little ditty especially as an "ode to Starbucks Burundi Ngozi Reserve Coffee."

I'm not sure how I almost let this one slip by.  I hadn't even noticed it in my Clover store.  Thank the Coffee Gods for opening my eyes before it was all gone.

Black tea-like aroma and cinnamon spices with chocolate accents.
"This extraordinary coffee from the town of Ngozi in northern Burundi was delivered to us by Gashikanwa Specialty Coffee, a female-owned trading company in a male-dominated field that is helping to develop Burundi's specialty coffee industry while improving the lives of the farmers.
Currently, Gashikanwa Specialty Coffee works with more than 2,000 small farmers and approximately 700 of which are female farmers.
This special Starbucks Reserve® coffee is in very limited supply and only available at select stores." (from Starbucks website)

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