Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Eight-O-Clock Columbian Peaks K-Cups(™)

The past few nights have been full of evening chores.  Those are the times when you don't want to brew a full pot of coffee.  Just enough for yourself.  That's when the Keurig(™) comes in so handy.

What's even better than having the single-serve brewer on hand when you only want enough coffee for yourself is having a single-serve coffee that really tastes good.

Enter the Eight-O-Clock - you heard right - Eight-O-Clock Columbian Peaks.

This medium roast is so good that I've started popping in a pod in the mornings too.  Just to get me started before I move up to the "big guns."

Get yours without leaving home at Cross Country Cafe.  1-888-774-6939

13.75 for a box of 24 K-Cups®.  A great coffee at a great price.

Wake up and smell the Columbian Peaks.  You can almost smell it here!

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