Sunday, October 4, 2015

"Halo, Halo, Halo!" Lelisa Halo Cooperative from Peet's Coffee

Peet's Lelisa Halo Cooperative Limited Edition

I don't know if Beyoncé drinks coffee, but if she does, I'm sure she'd write a song about this limited offering from Peet's.

Lelisa Halo Cooperative with "hints of pomelo and sweet granite melon," is the medium roast I'm "vibing" with right now.  

I bought a half-pound last week and literally had to ration myself because I wanted to drink it all - in two days!  Forget about sharing.  But since today was Sunday, I started feeling guilty and went back and bought another half pound to share.

So good that I can't even find the words.

An heirloom single-origin Ethiopian coffee.  18.95.  Get it now.  It won't last.  Enjoy it while you can. 

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