Thursday, November 12, 2015

Please State Your Name and Your Religious Affiliation - Starbucks Red Cup Controversy

I really tried to stay away from this topic but I could not resist.

It's like the "reindeer in the room."  

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, certainly by now you've heard all the "buzz" (pun intended) around Starbucks' decision to opt for a simple "red cup" instead of the usual holiday-themed ones with reindeer, etc. which naturally conjure up thoughts of Christmas.

I happen to not only celebrate but love Christmas.  However, I do appreciate and respect the fact that not everyone does and I'm all about being "politically-correct" and inclusive.

To be honest, I would have never imagined that there was a deeper meaning to the red cups (other than perhaps a salute to college kids everywhere) were it not for Fox News latching onto it and kicking up a snowstorm of controversy.  Whether it be "real" or "imagined."  Marketing folks everywhere are weighing in on the subject.

Whatever your holiday, religious affiliation, political group, race, creed or color, I say "it's cold outside, let's turn-up!"

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