Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bantam Bagels - Best Invention since the Donut Hole! From Shark Tank to Starbucks

Bantam Bagels first appeared on one of my FAVORITE television shows, "Shark Tank."

Somehow, I missed that episode.  However, lucky for me, I didn't miss out on Bantam Bagels.

First tried them a week ago and they keep me coming back for more.

All the cream cheese goodness is stuffed on the inside.  How neat is that?  I've tried the "everything" - stuffed with veggie cream cheese and the "classic," stuffed with regular cream cheese.  Deliciously filling.

Now, I'm a donut gal and I think donut holes are pretty nifty, but I have to say, these Bantam Bagels are creeping up on the competition.

Check out this great article in Fortune Magazine, here!

(Bantam Bagels are also available online)

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