Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"X" No More Coffee Pots!

Okay, so my day started out with a bit of a twist. And, as these things go, I was late for work. Sometimes it can't be avoided.

However, I am pretty strict about my coffee regimen. So, after my cup at home and my cup in the car, I always tottle over to Starbucks on my way into the office, for my cup of the morning brew. But, now I'm on a budget - argh - so I'm not buying coffee every day. Only when I can't pass it up - like if it's Starbucks Anniversary Blend. But, I do buy oatmeal every day at Starbucks - oatmeal with everything - hot, stirred not shaken.

So, today when my barista said, "Do you want coffee today or just yogurt?" ('cuz for weeks I was buying the Greek Honey Yogurt - but that's another blog for another day), and I answered "Just oatmeal," the manager, Adam at the Drumm Street Store(who rocks by the way), chimed in, "Hold on a second, I have something I want you to try."

Well, I'll try anything even remotely related to coffee. I was pleasantly surprised with two packets of the new Starbucks Via Ready Brew. . .this stuff has not even been released to the general public yet - so, I feel uber special.

I tried it and it's really good! This was the Italian Roast. And while there's nothing like freshly brewed coffee, for those on the go, traveling, etc., this is a wonderful alternative.

So, in closing, I would like to dedicate this blog to my late mother. A woman who loved her instant coffee. Unfortunately, her options were limited to Maxwell House, Folgers and Hills Brothers. Mama, you would have loved Starbucks Via Ready Brew.


  1. Yes, madam! She would have loved this because she always said she "likes the finest!"

  2. nice post. i have had good instant coffee in france. you get it at the corner store --put a little cream and sugar, and voila!! it's not bad in a pinch...