Friday, November 20, 2009

My Nephew Went to Vancouver. . .And I Got A Pound of Coffee - MUCH Better Than A Tee-Shirt!

Remember - be kind to the children for when you are old they will buy you gourmet coffee and when the time comes (hopefully), they will visit you at the nursing home.

I'm such a lucky duck. I have a nephew who is a world-traveler and fortunately for me, he never forgets his dear old aunt. That would be me - the coffee addict.

I found on my doorstep yesterday, the cutest red bag in which was a pound of GUATEMALA PALHU HUEHUETENANGO which just turns out to be some of the best coffee I've had in a while.

I looked up the website for the coffee shop, CAFE ARTIGIANO - tres chic. And the coffee is ottimo!

Thanks, Mike!

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  1. Swell aunties hold a special place in the hearts of nieces and nephews. Congratulations! You must have mastered the art of being a "swell auntie" when your nephew was growing up. The next time I cruise to Vancouver, I will make it a point to stop at CAFE ARTIGIANO for a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Thanks for the tip.