Monday, May 17, 2010

Nutty Blonde

So, this blonde walks into a coffee shop and takes a seat. She says to the barista - 'How much for a cup of nuts?' The barista says, 'Lady, do you mean a cup of coffee?' The blonde says, 'No, I mean a cup of nuts.' The barista says, "Sorry, lady, but I have no idea what you're talking about.' The blonde says, 'Is this Aduro Bean?'

Okay, enough of the blonde jokes.

This coffee is worth trying for the name and the bag design alone! When I poured the beans out, I thought, "Wow, this really is blonde coffee!" And then I thought, "There is no way I'm going to get a rich cup of coffee from these blonde beans."

I was wrong. It took me three pots - or actually two pots and one Chemex(TM) to get the cup I wanted. I underestimated this "Nutty Blonde" roast from Aduro Bean or you could say I judged a bean by its color.

It's very different - very good - with a bit of a "tartness." If you don't live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, despair not, you can order online at:

"Fair Trade/Organic. A true blonde roast, this blend is roasted just to the light side of a medium. It comes out as a true blonde, but cools to a coppery red color. Huge burst of flavor with a heady flavor of nuts and chocolate. You won't taste any of the roasting process in this one--just the natural flavors of the beans. Slight acidic tang as it cools. $10.50/lb"
(from the Aduro Bean Website)

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  1. Finally!!!! Somebody’s finally realized that there were no coffee’s out there for us blonde people who like nuts A LOT!!!! I mean, I love coffee, and I LOVE nuts AND I’m a very smart blonde. Sooooo, this means that we fair headed people are finally being heard! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I feel really sorry for all the brunettes who wont be allowed to drink it, but it’s about time we were recognized in our own right! Right??
    Bravo I say!