Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Warning - Calories Crossing

Okay, so I have found a new obsession :)

Peet's. Petite Vanilla Scones.

I didn't even know they offered these cuties because I've been ignoring the pastry case and focusing only on the coffee. That is, until the woman in front of me this morning ordered "Two petite vanilla scones." And then I ordered, "Two, petite vanilla scones, please!"

I wasn't expecting much. Just another vanilla scone. WELL. . .lo and behold, it was as if a little French baker jumped into my mouth. Made my morning cup of Costa Rica blend explode in mouth and I just got all happy and then I thought, "Oh, Lord - what if I have to get two of these every day?"

Does anybody have any idea which bakery is making these tantilizing treats for Peet's?

(I think I just rhymed)

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