Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday's Pick - Mocha Java

I'm so enjoying the quiet of the house this morning. Everybody is sleeping in except me and my pooch. Coffee with family and friends is great, but sometimes it's nice to just experience a cup in solace. Gives me time to reflect on what I'm drinking and clear my head without distraction. No television, no radio, just Puffy at my feet.

Today's choice - Mocha Java or the Catahoula Coffee spelling "Mokka Java." I love everything Tim roasts but this is one of my favorites.

Catahoula describes theirs as:

"A cornucopia blend of beans from the birthplace of coffee; Ethiopia, Yemen, and Java (Indonesia). Bittersweet chocolate finishes with spicy fruits mixed in the cup. There is an exotic complexity with a supple sharpness up front."

Here's to a great day and Mocha "No Jive" Java.

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