Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Bold and The Beautiful - Fonté Kenya AA Gaturiri

Another winner from Fonté Micro Coffee Roaster.

This time I'm reviewing Fonté KENYA AA Gaturiri.

Dark, dense, sharp notes, nutty. Has a nice bold "after-taste."

Meaning that after I sip it, I want to go back and sip some more! No wonder there are two "A's" in the name.

I think I would like to try this with a nice hard cheese, maybe a gouda. That sounds like a wonderful pairing.

Seems like everything I try from Fonté is first-class coffee.

And because it's roasted to order, it's always fresh.

If the smell doesn't hook you, the taste surely will.

If you like dark coffees, you'll want to make sure to check this out this offering.

(*Full Disclosure: Fonté provided me with a free sample of Kenya AA for the purposes of preparing this review, which in no way impacted my ability to be honest in my assessment.)

Fonté Kenya AA Gaturiri
$21.00 per lb.

"Our Kenya AA Gaturiri was produced by the members of the Gaturiri washing station that is part of the Barichu Cooperative in the Central Kenyan Highlands. The coffee is grown at an altitude of 5,500 plus feet, and features the two common Kenyan varietals, SL28 and SL34. SL28 is known for high-quality but fairly small yields, and for producing an intensely citric, sweet, and balanced cup. SL34 is best known for producing high-quality coffee at medium-to-high altitudes, complex citric acidity, heavy mouthfeel and clean, sweet finish. The coffee is wet-processed, after being washed the beans are transferred to drying tables.

Kenyan coffees are known for their refinement and elegance, this year’s Gaturiri is a fine example of the best balanced coffees of the region. Bright, citrus tinged acidity is prominent but not dominating, balanced by deep notes of black currant and a textured mouthfeel that lends the cup a depth and dimension characteristic of “the best of the best”."
(Taken from the Fonté website)

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