Monday, February 13, 2012

Day Three - No Coffee - This Is Not A Pretty Sight

This marks the third day that I have not had coffee. I caught a horrible stomach bug at the end of last week. No details necessary.

My doctor told me not to drink any coffee for 72 hours. I'm going to see her later today and aside from the obvious hopes (nothing serious), I hope to be able to be back on the caffeine trail tomorrow.

I know how much I love coffee. And now I know how much I miss life without it. It's not just the taste. Oh, the taste is wonderful. It's the experience, the pleasure, the oneness that I feel with the cup in my hand.

There are certain rituals that go with coffee - like reading the newspaper or surfing the web or watching TV.

I also haven't been able to eat anything other than clear broth (I did have a plain baked potato last night). I have thought of so many different pairings for a cup of coffee. Like a nice chunk of cheese. Or a flaky, buttery croissant.

I haven't been sleeping much. Too many dreams of coffee.

I hope to be up to speed soon or at least able to enjoy just a sip (or two).

Hope you're enjoying your coffee today. Have a cup for me.



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