Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Community Coffee's Colombia Toledo-Labateca PRIVATE RESERVE

There used to be a famous character in coffee commercials whose tag line was "100 percent Columbia, because that's the richest kind."

He didn't lie.

I seriously had reservations about ordering this coffee because it was pre-ground. I prefer whole beans to get all the freshness. However, freshness was not an issue with this Community Columbia Toledo-Labateca PRIVATE RESERVE Coffee.

This rich and delicious coffee was the perfect way to start my Hump Day. One more cup this afternoon and I might make it "over the hump."

There's also a really neat story behind this coffee - here it is:

"In 2001, Community Coffee Company established a long-term agreement with the farmers of Toledo and Labateca in Colombia, helping to unite two towns that had experienced political and religious differences. Since that time, 100% of their local economy has been dependent on the revenue generated from their coffee. As part of this special relationship, we guarantee the purchase of the farmers’ coffee beans at a premium price before they are ever picked so the farmers can devote their full resources to growing the best specialty coffee. Also, for every bag of Colombia Toledo-Labateca purchased, 10 cents goes to an endowment for social development projects in Colombia. In five years, this endowment has helped to convert a 200-year-old colonial ranch into a technical school for high-school-age children. Today, we are still the exclusive U.S. Importer and roaster of these distinctive beans." (Community Coffee)

Discover this and other great Community Coffees.

For $9.69 for a 12 ounce bag, I not only got a great coffee, I supported a great cause. Money well-spent.

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