Sunday, July 8, 2012

Come to Jamaica - Or, Let Jamaica Come To You - Marley Coffee Jamaica Blue Mountain (R)

I haven't had a bad cup of Marley Coffee yet.

"Talkin' Blues" (Jamaica Blue Mountain (R)) is no exception.

I almost don't know which gives me the most pleasure - the aroma or the flavor in the cup.

This coffee makes you stop and take time to smell the flowers. With its floral aroma and sweet mellow roast, you'll be transcended to another place.

In fact, even though I'm sitting here at my desk, for some odd reason, this carpet under my feet almost feels like sand on the beach. Talk about getting into the moment.

Forget about Calgon (R) - Marley, take me away!!!

"Every little thing is gonna be all right."

(Ethically Farmed and Artisan Roasted)

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