Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Dispassionate Place for Coffee

I've talked here before about how disappointing it can be when your coffee shop "loses it."

Sometimes they get it back.  And then other times, it's like a rotten apple.  The unhappy barista's attitude spills over to her co-workers and what you have left is a place that serves the same blend every day, doesn't bother to stock the case, treats you like you're in a cattle call and ruins the entire coffee experience.

For it is an experience.  It's more than just walking up to the counter to order a cup of coffee.  If that were the case we could just sit at our desks and drink the "office swill" every day.

I've been very reluctant to report my feelings to "big brother" because nobody wants to be a "coffee narc."  And, on the other hand, I feel that a big part of my daily coffee experience is being lost because I'm not able to take advantage of the perks (pun intended) of having a major coffee chain in my office building.

Therefore, I trudge across the street, three blocks away, taking a chance on "over-staying" my break to go to a place where the people still have a passion for making and serving good coffee to honest hard working people.

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