Monday, January 19, 2015

Peet's Coffee Colombia Luminosa - A lighter take on a great coffee

I'll admit that I was reluctant to try the new Colombia Luminosa from Peet's Coffee.  

So much so, that when the barista offered me the free sample bag I left it on the kitchen counter for a week before I got up the courage to brew it.

I use the word "courage" because my initial thought was, "if Peet's is known for its dark signature roast,  could a roast this light really be Peet's?"

It really is Peet's.   And it's actually quite good.

Completely different from the Peet's I've known for so many years.  

I think the characteristic I enjoy most about the Colombia Luminosa is its sweet flavor.  Exactly like the package says, "Mild, Sweetly Aromatic, Smooth."

Something new from something old to add to my rotation.

Happy Monday!

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