Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Coffee Haul Roll Call. I got a new Chemex ® - What Did Santa Bring You?

It's the day after Christmas.  Now what?
We count our loot!  Coffee loot, that is.  

I don't depend on Santa to know everything that I want for my coffee-Christmas.  I understand that he's got lots of coffee lovers on his list and with so many new products on the market, the elves might have a hard time keeping up.

So, I try to stock up on my favorite holiday blends ahead of time.

I did get surprised with a brand new Chemex®.  And what's so great about it is that I had just broken my old Chemex® last weekend.

Maybe Santa does know all, after all, because how coincidental that he just happened to replace the one thing I need to taste-test all my new blends?

What coffee gift did Santa bring you?  

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