Sunday, December 13, 2015

Community Coffee Meet Chemex - Everything Old is New Again! A Winning Combination

Once you're a certain age, you realize that everything old is new again.  And just because "hipsters" think they invented the Chemex(R) (no offense to hipsters) doesn't make it true.

In fact, Chemex(R) was invented in the late 1920s.  And twenty years later, in 1941, along came Community Coffee.

And here I am in late 2015 talking about how great they both are - individually and as a combination.

I like to take a little more time with my coffee on the weekends, and so this morning instead of brewing my Community Coffee Sumatra Mandheling Private Reserve® in the automatic coffee maker, I decided to give a little more attention to detail and use my Chemex(R) instead.

The Dark Roast Sumatra and the "pour over" method create a winning combination.  

Moral of the Story:  Make New Friends, But Keep the Old


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