Sunday, April 10, 2016

Aloha! "Hangin' Loose" here Sipping Kona Joe's Trellis Grown Coffee


What a beautiful morning!  Sitting here on the balcony, looking at the blue water and the sandy beach.   A steaming hot cup of Kona Joe in my hand.  Life is good. 

Just kidding.  

I'm sitting at home and it's raining outside.  I'm not in Hawaii.  My sister went there for two weeks and she brought me back a bag of the "real deal" Kona.  That would be, "Kona Joe's" Trellis Grown Coffee.  

To be honest, I've had Kona coffee many times.  Sometimes it's good and sometimes I think that somebody got "hoodwinked" when they bought it.  Sometimes that person has been me.

But, this is the good stuff!  So good that you might think you're in Hawaii.  Even when you're not.

If you can't get to Hawaii, no problem.  Hang loose.  Kona Joe will come to you.  Available online at

Back to the beach now.

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