Thursday, June 16, 2016

The $15 dollar cup of coffee, is it worth the price?

While perusing the list of the least and most expensive things in San Francisco a few weeks ago, I ran across several articles which talked about the "$15.00 cup of coffee" at Equator.  The blend is Finca Sophia.  I have tried Equator coffees in the past and I must say they are superb.  Don't think I've ever had a bad roast.  But fifteen bucks for one cup of coffee is a bit much even for a coffee enthusiast like me.

Then last week, I read on twitter that Blue Bottle has a $16.00 cup of coffee.  Blue Bottle's offering is "Port of Mokha."  Sourced from Yemen which is said to be "the birthplace of coffee in the Western world."  I have had Blue Bottle's coffee which is also very good.

I also read that both of these coffees are extremely rare, hard to find, and sell out quickly.

I work hard and can appreciate "treating yourself."  I also think it's about the "experience" just as much as the coffee.  I am grateful for fair-trade and sustainable farming.

However, I just don't know if the economy, or more specifically, my pocket can withstand these prices.  Where do the prices peak?

That said, I would really like to try them both.  You know, for "research purposes."

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