Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cocoa in July? Starbucks Hot Chocolate K-Cups(R)

While I try to stay ahead of the curve on new beverages, I admit that sometimes I fall short.

I'm not perfect.

Which is why I'm kicking myself for only getting turned onto the Starbucks Hot Chocolate K-Cups(R) now.  I picked up a box a month or so ago on sale at the Starbucks coffee shop near the office.  I figured that it's often cold enough here, even in summer, to enjoy a warm cup of chocolate on a breezy evening.

I made myself a cup this evening.  

Good news.  It's amazing.  Especially with whipped cream.  

Bad news.  Apparently Starbucks has discontinued the Hot Chocolate K-Cup.

I feel an email campaign coming on.  Who's with me?

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