Sunday, July 10, 2016

Before the Third Wave, there was Peerless Coffee - Still Standing with the Best of 'Em!

I've talked before about the fact that Peerless Coffee was my first "gourmet" coffee.  Long before the "third wave," there was this Oakland, California roaster simply selecting and buying the best beans and roasting them to perfection.  With pride and the Vukasin family touch in every roast.

That hasn't changed.  On my last visit, I couldn't help but wax nostalgic about how much they've changed while staying the same.  

While there was always a large variety of roasts, the selection was almost overwhelming. I started to reflect on how my "favorite Peerless blends (President's Blend)," were now surrounded by some new favorites, like the "Berkeley Blend."

Peerless offers a great selection of finely roasted artisan coffee, gourmet teas, a wide variety of coffee and tea makers and equipment AND hot roasted peanuts in the shell.

Handcrafted since 1924.  Read about the Vukasin/Peerless Family store here.

Peerless Coffee & Tea

260 Oak Street
Oakland, CA 94607
Office Phone: 510-763-1763
Mail/Order Retail Customer Service:
1-800-310-KONA (5662)

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