Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Coffee's French (Very Dark) Roast Coffee - So Good, I Forgot to Take a Picture!

The funny thing about social media is that unless you take the mandatory photo "for the gram," it's almost like it didn't happen.

Except when you're walking to work and you think about the coffee you made at home that was so good.  And then you say to yourself, "I should blog about it!"  Then you remember that you forgot to take a photo!  Yep, it definitely "happened."

My sister went up to Fort Bragg a couple of weekends ago and I asked her to be sure to stop by Thanksgiving Coffee Company.  I didn't realize that there is no retail store.  It's all wholesale.  

However, tenacity runs in my family, so my sister went into the local Safeway and bought me a bag of Thanksgiving French (Very Dark) Roast.  

It's such good coffee.  Dark, dark roast without any bitterness whatsoever.  A great way to wake up.

Next time, I promise photos.

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