Monday, August 8, 2016

I Woke Up Like This. Weaver's Aged Mocha Java Coffee

Sip one.  Sip two.  Sip three.  

You had me at Sip One.  Totally feeling the morning with  Weaver's Aged Mocha Java Coffee.

This coffee is one of the many things that get better with time.  

So rich and smooth and pleasing to the palate.  Woodsy, wine-y and wonderful.  Weaver's.

Aged Mocha Java Coffee

Rare, exceptional aged coffees are stored at their tropical origin for anywhere between two to eight years. This gives them golden hues, flavors of fresh-cut cedar, and a smooth-low acidity. Surprising the palate, our Aged Java compliments the sweet berry and wine flavors of Northern Africa and Yemen. By using Aged Java beans, Weaver's adds a unique twist to the world's most famous coffee blend.  (from

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