Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Riding on A Rocket

I'm definitely ready for takeoff this morning. Enjoying a cup of Rocketfuel (TM) Sumatra 44 blend.

I must admit, I was a little afraid of a coffee with a name like Rocketfuel(TM). I mean, what if I took off and didn't come back down. To be perfectly honest, this morning I couldn't care less if I did. Just kidding God. :)

Seriously, this is great coffee. The Sumatra 44 blend is organic, fair trade premium Indonesian Sumatran coffee and Arabican Espresso.

Bold and beautiful. But, I'm not going to try to find a bunch of adjectives to describe it because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know or enjoy good coffee.

Check out their site and see out what they have to offer for yourself:


And while you're at it, learn a little about the company's owner, Lisa Rotenberg. She's pretty amazing in her own right.


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