Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Troublemaker" by Janet Evanovich and Alex Evanovich (Goes Well With Dunkin' Turbo Coffee)

"Troublemaker" by Janet Evanovich and her daughter Alex Evanovich with art by Joelle Jones

Reading this book reminded me of my appreciation of the symbiotic relationship between illustration and cloud text and the seeding of a fertile imagination which was my youth. Comics, now PC’d as graphic novels, could always occupy an otherwise calm and uneventful Sunday afternoon, with mental activity that took the place of dodge ball and marbles.

Janet and her daughter Alex jump off to a great start in this piece with Voodoo, kidnappings and two self proclaimed gumshoes that show what the “bad cop-bad cop” relationship is all about. Alex Barnaby and Sam Hooker, individually and collectively, know how to gum up the workings of a freelance crime investigation. But for the grace of good “juju” the two keep the thrill moving to the point of “see you next volume.”

As for the illustrations, Joelle Jones is indeed gifted and draws attractive figures with great detail. Her input to this novel had me at points trying to connect her scenes rather than connecting the cloud text. I look forward to the next volume and collaboration.

(Reviewed by JRS (aka "The Green Lantern")

Published by Dark Horse Comics

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