Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Friend In Coffee Is a A Friend Indeed

I emailed my old friend, Barbara, a few weeks ago. She's one of those people that you meet along the way and you never want them to leave your life.

She's got a beautiful face and a warm smile and she's a great listener. We worked together over 10 years ago. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of work and life, we don't take time to nurture relationships that are important to us. We just tend to get so busy and don't pick up the phone or God forbid we should drop a line or two in the mail. I'm talking USPS mail.

I remember one year for my birthday she me brought a jar of the best homemade red sauce in the world. I think she also put a dish towel and a wooden spoon in the goodie bag. I forget. The sauce will stay with me forever. Which is why I wanted her to know how often I think of her and how much she means to me.

She also extended an open invitation to her home whenever I happened to be in her area. She said, "Stop by when you are in the area. I always have good coffee."

Now, that's what I call a good friend.

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