Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stay Tuned for Exciting News from Starbucks Reserve TM

"Launched in 2010, the Starbucks Reserve™ program is a new premium, single-origin coffee line featuring the world’s rarest, most exotic and flavorful coffees. Starbucks coffee buyers have developed deep relationships throughout the coffee growing world and travel the globe in search of the very best and rarest coffees. In their travels, our buyers occasionally discover exceptional coffees available in limited quantities.

At home, Starbucks Reserve™ coffees are best experienced through a pour-over or by brewing with a coffee press. These rare coffees are available for purchase online at or in select stores in the U.S. To locate your nearest Starbucks Reserve store, visit"

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  1. Starbucks is brewing single-origin coffee using the pour-over method. Starbucks Reserve is a collection of premium, rare coffees that are to be made one cup at a time. Starbucks is one of the world's rarest, most exotic and flavorful coffees.
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