Sunday, November 20, 2011

Foiled Again (But, It's All Good)

When I was contacted by the Community Agroecology Network in Santa Cruz, California , I thought, "oh, great more Fair Trade Coffee."

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge supporter of Fair Trade (TM), however, just because it's Fair Trade, doesn't mean it's good.

The nice woman asked if I would be willing to give their coffee a review and if I preferred a dark roast or light roast coffee. I said, "Dark roast," please. Yawn.

The coffee arrived within a few days. Yawn.

I looked at the package for one whole day before I opened it. Of course, I love coffee, but I've tried many different coffees. And trust me, they are not created equal. And you know me, if I can't say something nice, I don't say anything at all.

Well, a few days later, when I opened the bag, and looked at the beans, I thought, "pretty impressive." The beans were nice and dark and glistened.

Then I ground them in my Baratza grinder. Scooped out enough to make a six cup pot and waited. While my coffee was brewing, I took my shower, and then went in to pour myself a cup. "Nice aroma," I thought.

Then I took my first sip. WOW. Guess who's not yawning now?

If there's anything I like better than a GREAT cup of coffee, it's a great cup of coffee for a great cause.

To learn more about the AgroEco(R) Initiative*, Fair Trade Coffee, and Santa Cruz Roasting, please do yourself a favor and visit their website:

This is one project worth getting behind.

AgroEco coffee is a collaborative partnership of small-scale coffee farmers, roasters, researchers and the Community Agroecology Network.

They can be reached at 831-459-3619

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