Sunday, April 29, 2012

Peet's Guatemala San Sebastian and a Friendly Face

I was enjoying a cup of Peet's Guatemala San Sebastian this morning when I thought back to my encounter with the barista on Friday when I bought a half-pound bag of beans. I'm a sucker for Guatemalan coffee.

Anyway, I usually get Starbucks on my morning break because it's in my building. But it had been a particularly long/short week so I decided to take an extra five and walk down to Peet's. Because change is good. I had the Peet's oatmeal for the first time. It's steel-cut so I didn't enjoy it as much as Starbucks but the blueberries are a nice change from raisins.

Now, cutting to the chase. The barista was one of the most intelligent, funny and nicest guys I'd run into in a while. It got me to thinking about how the coffee shop experience really should be an experience and not just perfunctory. And while I won't take an extra five every morning, I will make it a point to take an extra five once a week to try something different. It's good for the soul.

Oh, by the way, Guatemala San Sebastian is a great coffee. 15.95 per pound. Limited supply.

Guatemala San Sebastian

A renowned region. An heirloom bean. A superlative estate. San Sebastian has been a favorite in our tasting room for over 30 years. Aromatic yet powerful, reminiscent of fine bittersweet chocolate, a true coffee aristocrat.

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