Saturday, September 1, 2012

Keep the K Cups (R) Coming! Caribou Mahogany

Another winner in the dark roast category. Caribou Coffee's "Mahogany" Blend K-Cup(R) brings out the bold flavor without the bitter after-taste.

Perhaps the K-Cup(R) technology has been perfected because I honestly see a HUGE difference in the K-Cups of late from the K-Cups of old. I appreciate the larger selection of coffees to choose from - especially for those of us who like it dark - and hot.

Available online at Cross Country Cafe.

On the "K-Cup"(R) scale of 1 to 5 - I'd give it a 4.

Check out the entire selection of K-Cups(R) offered at Cross Country Cafe.

Nothing can replace a pot of freshly brewed coffee, but my Keurig sure is a nice alternative.

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