Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Did you even know he had a coffee line?

I sampled the "Hellbilly Brew" (Organic Peru)* this morning.

I poured it in my mug and I could swear there's hair on my chest tonight.  Just kidding.

Seriously, though, this is not for "lightweight" coffee drinkers.

But it's all good.  Really.

A dark roast coffee - the bag says "medium body," but I beg to differ.  Actually, it's pretty darn full-bodied, if you ask me.  I indulged and used heavy cream and the cup turned the most beautiful shade of mocha.

I usually take one raw sugar packet, but for Rob Zombie, I needed two.

Don't be afraid.  Hellbilly Brew is 100% Certified Organic Fair Trade.  And since October is Fair Trade Month, I think it's your civic duty to pick up a pound or two.

Halloween is coming and which would you rather - a candy bar or a nice bag of beans?

Check it out at:


You too, can "party like a rock star."

*Wild Card Roasters provided me with a free sample of Rob Zombie's "Hellbilly Brew" for the purpose of preparing this review.

(I can't wait to try the French Roast)

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