Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An Ode to Oatmeal

You could say I'm on a Starbucks roll - I guess.  This will be my third Starbucks-related post in a week. 

Anyway, I couldn't find the new Starbucks oatmeal at any of the locations near my work, so I asked a trusted friend to find it and bring me back the results.  And here's the review!

So, I went into Starbucks moments ago and inquired about a new Oatmeal combination that is now being offered.  She said “so you want to try the new ingredients?” I said yes, and saw that she turned to a row of neatly packaged bags in a row tagged “new.”  This made me know that Starbucks was indeed marketing a new “combo” of ingredients for their same Oatmeal.  I do think it is the same Oatmeal but I notice that the cup/container they put it in has also undergone a facelift.  I always get my oatmeal “dry” because I like to add my own water to get my favored consistency. 

I dumped all of the new ingredients in; fruit, nut & seed medley, fresh blueberries, and organic Blue Agave syrup.  The fruit nut & seed medley is not what I am used to since it didn’t have my beloved walnuts and it contained these green seeds – not pretty.  The blueberries were fresh and chilled – loved that! The Blue Agave syrup was sweet and went on first and melted nicely into the oatmeal.  Stirring in the mixture wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  My first mouthful was tentative and discerning for the taste being too bland and it was quickly followed by a second heaping teaspoonful.

My take is that the New Oatmeal is a less sweet (Agave) and less fatty (my walnuts) but countered by fresh blueberries (fresh) and a fruit & nut medley (bland). 

If I could pick and choose my select ingredients, I would request the Agave, old nut blend and the fresh blueberries. When in a rush for Oatmeal, I still think Starbucks does it best.
(Reviewed by JRS)

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