Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Tweet That Keeps On Tweeting - Thanks, Green Mountain Coffee!

What do I always say?  It's the little things that mean the most.

Like the fact that when I tweeted Green Mountain Coffee Roasters weeks ago just to say "Happy Friday," and let them know how much I was enjoying their Fair Trade Coffee, I had no idea that I would go to my mailbox yesterday and find this cute mug with my little ole tweet on it!

And even if they hadn't sent me this keepsake, I would still tell anyone that Green Mountain is one of the best coffee roasters around.  Because not only do they roast superb coffee, they consistently promote fair trade.  Now that's something to tweet about!

So, as I sip my Sunday brew from my Green Mountain Coffee twitter mug, I invite you to explore the world of Green Mountain Coffees at:

Because I believe in "spreading the word."

And please follow me on twitter @accutype

Here's to Sunday mornings, special cups and fair trade coffee!

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