Friday, October 10, 2014

Coffee "Cults" - What Does Your Favorite Say About You?

Okay, maybe I'm getting a little too deep for a Friday, but I couldn't help but analyze or shall I say "presume to analyze" the customers in Coffee Bean this morning.

First of all, I don't usually go to Coffee Bean.  However, I really like their coffee.  It's just that the location near my work is a little smaller than most and it's always crowded.  But today I wanted to pick up a gift card for a birthday and I know my friend loves Coffee Bean.

The first thing I noticed is how everyone in line was waiting patiently and not in a super hurry like the people who are in my usual morning coffee shop.  There were only two baristas and no one seemed to mind that it wasn't like a "drive through."

As I was putting my one raw sugar into my coffee, I thought "the people who come here regularly really are particular about their coffee."  Meaning, they are definitely loyal to this chain.  And then I thought, "so are the people at the larger chain."

Which brings me to coffee types or "cults," if you will.  There's a certain personality that's drawn to a particular coffee, either because they're from a certain geographic region (people who frequent Coffee Bean tend to be from the So Cal area and people obsessed with other shops tend to be from, shall we just say, for example, Seattle).

What does your coffee style say about you?  Just something to sip on as we ease into the weekend.

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