Monday, October 27, 2014

Peet's Fair Trade Blend - Enjoy in October and All Year Long

I didn't want to let this month get away without giving an appropriate plug to Fair Trade Coffees.  

And while that term gets bantered about and there's quite a bit of argument about what it really means, one thing I know for sure, is that Peet's was on the "fair trade" wagon a long time ago.

Hard work deserves honest pay.  We don't want to drink coffee that is the product of someone's hard labor, unfair working conditions, poor pay and below-par ecological standards, do we?

And, the same rules should apply when you're buying and consuming premium gourmet coffee.  No worries here.  Peet's delivers on the name "Fair Trade."

Same great flavor you always get from Peet's - though this one tends to be a little on the "mild" side of the dark roast which is just fine by me.  

So, even though we're coming to the end of October and what is deemed "Fair Trade Month," it's nice to practice what we preach all year.  

What's Fair is Fair.

$15.95 per pound

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