Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Got A New Mug-I-Tude! Mom Loves Mugs

Moms have always loved mugs.  Even the ones you made in kindergarten and decorated for her.

Mugs are practical.  You can never have too many.  Well, I can never have too many.  They hold our favorite beverages, like coffee.  They warm our hands.  They're comforting.

I woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning.  When I went into my China cabinet to "rotate my mug," I found a brand new mug that I purchased over Christmas and had never opened.

I was so inspired by the Starbucks "Dot" Mug Collection (my name being Dot and all) that I may or may not have bought a few extra when they went on sale.

This "Earth and Water"® design reminds me of watercolors, art museums and green grass.

Not a bad way to start my day.  With a brand new "Mug-i-tude."

Mother's Day is Sunday.  Maybe one of your mom-friends could use a new mug-i-tude.

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