Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Grabbing the "long end" of the Straw - Frappuccino Straws from Starbucks

I don't drink frappuccinos very often.  They're nice and refreshing but I like calories I can crunch.

So, I opted for a can of "Frappuccino Straws" from Starbucks.  Light and crunchy a delicious "chocolatey-swirly-swirl" in the middle.  They're like the fancy pirouette cookies - except they're longer so you really could use them for a straw for your frappuccino.  Or you could just eat them straight from the tin like me.

A can of 25 straws is only 9.95 and that's plenty to enjoy and share.

Starbucks.  They think of everything.

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